45 and 74. Leave a note in a hotel room and Go to a Nike store.

Here are the pictures I promised from yesterday’s post:

So, I got home from Boston about 2 hours ago. The trip home was terrible, we were stuck in traffic for a good hour. But we stopped at the the outlets in Lee, so it wasn’t too bad. In Lee, we went into Under Armour, Nike, and the Lindt store (yummmm(: ). Two new shirts, a pair of shorts, and a chocolate bar seems pretty good(:

Now, going back into Boston for the note in the hotel room. Homewood suites leaves notepads and pens in their rooms, so I felt free to leave them feedback. Since I know you probably can’t read it, I wrote:

“Why was there no bacon at breakfast today or yesterday?!  That’s all I wanted, BACON! Did I get it? NO! Get on that please, becaus eI’m leaving this hotel hungry”

I felt very strongly about that. Haha, well good night. I have soccer tryouts all week, so I should probably sleep, right?




2, 34, 43, 48, 64, 68, and 92. Wow.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but the hotel I’m staying has the worst wifi I’ve ever had, I had to jump through so many hoops to be able to make a new post. Well, I’m in Boston, and so far, I’ve gotten 7 things done, quite a lot for my usual standard.

2. See/Go to the ocean

34. See a strange animal

43. Go to a museum

48. Go to Dave and Buster’s

64. Get an airbrushed hat

68. Go to another state

92. Take a boat ride

Well, lets start with the obvious. #68. Go to another state. That was obvious because I live in New York and Boston is, you know…., in Massachusetts.

#2 and #92 were basically the perfect examples of killing two birds with one stone. Once we got into Boston past all the traffic, and finally into the harbor and the aquarium, we bought our tickets for the Codzilla. The Codzilla is a high speed boat that seats about 85 people. It starts as a tour, until you get further out into the harbor, which is when it switches from a nice tour of the Boston harbor to an experience almost like a water coaster. The only difference being that the captain of the boat takes sharp turns, and the water that gets you soaking wet is satly, not chlorinated. But honestly, best experience by far.

#48. After getting soaking wet, we paid our extremely high parking fee of $35 for only an hour and a half, and took another clueless drive a half hour south of Boston to Braintree, where my new favorite place was waiting for me. Dave and Buster’s is a restaurant, but it also has arcade games. Not the little arcade games like Pacman (although, you can play the Pacman classic there), but bigger games. Giant Connect 4, Fruit Ninja on TV screens, giant basketball shooting games, everything. It was amazing. It’s like a Chuck E. Cheese, but for adults. Even better, the Yankees Red Sox game was on, and in Boston, what better way to make people stare at you like you have 3 heads than to wear your Yankees gear. We wore our baseball hats, and watched the Yankees beat the Red Soc 6-4. Good night(:

#34 and #43. I figured I’d combine the two because they happened at the same place, the aquarium. We got to the aquarium at about 10, and it was already getting busy. As the day progressed, it only got worse. Honestly, there weren’t many people I could tolerate in the aquarium by 1pm. No one said excuse me, they all pushed and shoved you, and despite the giant NO STROLLERS sign, you could barely walk around because of, can you guess? Strollers, everywhere. So many were empty. I think the parents reasoning would be “Just in case little Johnny gets tired and doesn’t wanna run all over the aquarium” , which little Johnny never got tired, and never used the stroller, making it a waste. But there were some cool things. Penguins, sharks, seals, rays. You could actually pet the rays (my strange animal, by the way). They feel slimey, almost like when you open a new pair of contacts for the first time and go to take them out of the little case they come in.

#64 Last but not least, my airbrushed hat. I got it Thursday night, back at home, but couldn’t get to a computer before we left. As you may have already guessed, it has a One Direction logo on it. It’s just amazing.

Since my wifi here is being shitty, I’ll post a picture of the Codzilla, the aquarium, and my hat when I get home tommorow. Promise(:


79. Make a 1D fan account on Twitter.

This will be short because I wanna get back to Pretty Little Liars. I made a 1D fan account with my friend jacqui. If you wanna follow us, go ahead. the username is @horanhearswhos . now, get back to the regularly scheduled programming.


30. Watch all 3 High School Musical movies in a day

Come on, you remember these movies. The first one came out in elementary school, and from that moment until about the end of 7th grade, everyone loved them. I remember (somehow) being in music class in elementary school the day it premiered on Disney Channel. It was arounf 2pm on a Friday afternoon, and all the girls in my class had only talked about how excited they were for about a week. Being quite the tomboy up until around 3rd grade, I wasn’t really as excited as most of the popular girlie girls were, the ones who do dance and shopped at Limited Too and all that. Remember them, the elementary school version of whores? Yeah, well after that first movie came out, I started to act more and more like them everyday. But, as you may or may not know, 3rd grade is usually too late to try and become popular and be best friends with those girls, so it didn’t change anything, other than my friends, whogot mad when I would constantly talk about High School Musical, and how “cute” Zac Efron was. Funny, nothing’s really changed, except High School Musical has been replaced by One Direction, and Zac Efron with Nialler.

Well, I’m quite the movie critic. If something is wrong or I just don’t like something about it, even a little detail, I speak my mind about it. First, Ryan and Sharpay Evans. They get the lead in every school musical until Troy and Gabriella. They’re brother and sister! What if the leads have to kiss or something?! That’s awkward as hell! Second, none of my basketball practices every break out into spontaneous song and dance where everyone automatically knows all the words and dance steps. I wish, but that will never happen. Third, lets just take a moment to appreciate how lucky Troy is that he has a full basketball court in his backyard! Also, at the last movie, I did start to cry a little when Troy goes to Stanford to see Gabriella on prom night. That’s pretty much just because I’m forever alone though. Also, those movies make me even more afraid of the future and what will happen, and yes, I am scared. I’m scared to graduate high school and never see my friends again, and to just go off in the world and be responsible for myself, and to grow up. I’m terrified, actually.

                                                                                                                                       Happy Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms Tuesday!,


28. Finish a 400+ peice puzzle.

I woke up at about 6:30 this morning. For what, you might ask? Not soccer, not vacation, not school, the dentist. I was up at 6:30 for a dentist appointment at 8 and was out by 8:15. That’s ridiculous. Also, I’m suffering through the first post-olympics weekday, watching disney channel because there’s nothing good on during the day. So, just a 15 year old watching disney channel. What a life well spent. Then a puzzle, even more nerdy. There isn’t a story to it, I just did a pyzzle. I did one online because I don’t own puzzles because I normally have a social life. So, I just scrolled through puzzles until finding a 418 peice puzzle, the I spent 3 1/2 hours on it, pathetic. I thought I emailed a picture of it to myself through the website I used. Apparently not, so sorry for you, no picture.

I’m going to Boston Friday to Sunday, so I hope to get a good 10+ list items done in 3 days before soccer tryouts start next week.


76. Make A Pizza

After tommorow night, I’ll probably be depressed over an Olympics deprevation. Yes, that’s a real thing, I think. I’m about ready to go cry in a corner over the olympics being over. There won’t be anything good on for a while, it’s quite depressing. Also, the US women’s soccer team won gold, that’s amazing. Tom Daley today got bronze in diving, thats great. And people I go to school with are starting to find me on twitter. That’s not so great. People I know who follow me are the people who I talk to on a regular basis and are friends with. So, that’s not making me too happy. The fact that I only have a week left (technically) of summer left is also a wake up call, since soccer starts in a week. That is, if I DO make JV.

So, pretty much, I made pizzas. They’re english muffin pizzas, but still pizzas. I haven’t had these since preschool, and I’m surprised I even remembered them. There’s not much of a story to that.

Oh yeah, I bought new running sneakers today, too. They’re Nikes, and they’re brightly colored.


38 and 55. Enter a photography contest and Write with newspaper clippings.

So, there really isn’t much I can say as an update on my life. The womens soccer team is playing for a gold medal tommorow at 2:30 my time, and I’m sure as hell going to need someone to be here with me screaming at the TV with me, so I don’t feel like an idiot. But I’m quite excited for it, really. It’s going to be a rematch of last years World Cup finals, so thats always a cool matchup. Since the game will most likely be intense, I’m guaranteed to go running afterward, to burn some energy off, another high point. Also, I’m a little pissed that I haven’t gotten a certain magazine in the mail, since it’s been in stores for a week and I know I still have a subscription. I’m getting it tonight, I swear to god. With my luck, it’ll come in the mail tommorow.

So, Monday while watching the semifinals in womens soccer (USAvsCAN), I was filling out forms to enter in this years Schaghticoke Fair, my county’s fair. Even though it’s not a big contest, I, and many other people, enter tons of photos. I’m entering 4 single photos and 2 photo collections this year. Most just because it gives a good payout, if you know what I mean ;). That was sent out in the mail today, so all that leaves is about 3 weeks to pick out which pictures to use and bring them to the fair.

I felt like a bit of a loser cutting out little letters out of the paper. But, July 22nd’s sports page was thouroughly destroyed and cut up, and I made this. Now, if you’ve been following this blog all summer, you should already know what I wrote with the newspaper clippings.